Santeramo in Colle

Santeramo in Colle, for altitude, is the highest municipality in the metropolitan city of Bari.

A country with typical geomorphological features of the karst territory characterized by blades, iazzi, courts, parks, lakes, mountains and wells divided into three distinct areas: the wood, the Murge, the matine.

The typical Santermana cuisine is based essentially on local products: wheat, oil, wine, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit.

A place rich in history, palaces and customs to be discovered ...



Matera, the city of the Sassi is a wonderful scenery full of history, art and nature, one of the oldest still inhabited cities in the world. The Sassi were recognized in 1993 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the first site in southern Italy to receive this recognition.

The city has been designated European Capital of Culture for 2019 leaving the enchanted visitors in front of so much beauty ...



Altamura, known as the town for DOP bread, and for the Altamura IGP lentils.

The main monument is the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, an example of Apulian Romanesque, Gothic style; the man of Altamura, skeleton of Homo neanderthalensis, and the quarry of the dinosaurs, a cretaceous deposit with dinosaur footprints.

A city rich in history, battles and architecture, making the journey unique and exciting ...

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